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1 Please give us as much notice as possible of your impending move. Note that we need at least 6 working days for a simultaneous delivery of Broadband with your phone line.

2 In order to achieve simultaneous delivery of Broadband with your phone line (as above), a match must be achieved between your Broadband and phone line orders. You must therefore inform BT that you wish to take your broadband service with you when you move and that your Internet Service provider needs an Order Matching Reference from them, or has given an Order Matching Reference for you to give them (see FAQs). Please note that the provision of a reference does not guarantee a subsequent match.

3 If we are not able to activate service on your move in date, for example if you are not able to give us 6 working days notice or we are unable to get a match with your phone line order, lead times of approximately 5-7 working days will apply thereafter. However if you also provide us with a phone line active date, we will either aim to have Broadband activated on this date (subject to normal conditions, lead times and Order Matching as above), or 5-7 working days after that date. Please note that lead times may be slightly longer if you are taking your phone number with you.

Q. When I know Im moving who do I inform first, Choose ADSL / Choose Broadband or BT?

A. You should contact Choose ADSL / Choose Broadband first to let us know you want to take your broadband to your new address. We will email you an Order Matching Reference that you will need to give to BT so your broadband and phone line seamlessly move to your new house. When you call BT use the call steering options for house movers. If you have already contacted BT first, then you can enter your BT Order Matching Reference during the order.

Q. What happens once I have filled in the online Home Move form?

A. When you have completed all the details and clicked the SUBMIT button, we will be able to confirm to you that ADSL will be activated at your new address on the date you are moving in. Invoicing will switch from the old service to the new on that date.

Q. Do I have to pay a set up fee for the order at my new address?

A. No, you won't have to pay a set-up fee when you move to your new address, however if you are within a 12 month contract, you will either have to add an extra 12 months onto your existing Choose ADSL / Choose Broadband contract (so if you have 11 months left on your existing contract youll now have 23 months left of your contact). Alternatively, you could pay a 75.00 house move fee and start a brand new 12 month contract. If you are outside your contract you will simply go into a new 12 month contract with no charges.

Q. What happens if I am moving in less than 6 working days?

A. If you can provide us with the phone number you have been assigned at the new address, or if you are taking your existing number with you, continue to complete the Home Move form as normal. However because you will be inside the minimum leadtime, we will not be able to activate service on your move in date and leadtimes of approximately 5-10 working days will apply thereafter.

Q. I have an outstanding balance on my Choose ADSL / Choose Broadband account. Will my order still be processed?

A. We may contact you and ask that you clear any outstanding balance before we process your order, and this may delay things. We therefore strongly recommend that you use the Pay Now option on the online Billing Manager or contact our Finance team, to discuss your account situation as soon as possible.

Q. What happens if my house move date changes after I have placed the orders?

A. Rearrange your phone line dates with BT as normal and let us know as soon as possible. If you give us less than 5 working days notice of this it may not be possible for us to align the ADSL live date, and you may incur an overlap in charges.

Q. Will I have to reconfigure my modem/router when I connect it in my new house?

A. Normally no. You should retain your existing connection username and password, so all you will need to do is plug in and power up your modem or router. If you have any problems re-establishing connecting please call our Technical Support team. If your username has to change we will advise you.

Q. I currently have a static IP address(es). Can I keep these?

A. Yes. If you retain the same connection username (see above) these will remain allocated to it and will not change. If we assign you a new connection username and password, we will be able to move your IP address(es) across for you.

Q. Do I get a new registration username?

A. No. You still log in to check and administer your account at with your existing Username.

Q. What should I do if I do not wish to take part in the Home Move process or my questions are not answered here?

A. Contact Customer Services on 0844 8700328 and talk to them about your requirements or concerns.

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