"...really unlimited? You mean there are no usage caps? I can download however much I want?" Uncapped Broadband from Choose ADSL


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Choose ADSL are bringing new services online in the next six (6) months. This page details those services. New services are offered to existing customers only! Join us today. Choose ADSL the UK's premier innovative service provider.

We continue to meet the future needs of our broadband customers, because Choose ADSL is more than an ISP we continue to inovate and bring you cutting edge broadband services.

Super Fast 40mb Fibre Optic Broadband (FTTC - Fibre to the cabinet)

The most powerful connection to the internet available. Incredible speeds of up to 40mbps downstream, up to 10mbps upstream.

ADSL type pricing much cheaper than leased lines and similar products.

Express your interest or request more information here: Enquire about FTTC.

Bonded DSL

Large bandwidth which uses standard ADSL lines. Equivalent to leased line bandwidths at a fraction of the cost. Universally available on any broadband enabled telephone exchange: Enquire about Bonded ADSL.

Express your interest or request more information here

Annex M Trial

Standard ADSL, but with higher upload speeds (up to 2Mbps four times faster!). Great for moving large amounts of data.

Express your interest or request more information here: Enquire about Annex M.

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