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About Us - About Choose ADSL

Choose Broadband is Lancashire's premier Internet Service Provider (ISP). We are based in the historic city of Lancaster. We specialise in the provision of affordable ADSL broadband. We place equal importance on the speed, reliablity and stablity of the broadband solutions we offer. Our broadband is depended upon by both businesses and consumers across the UK.

Choose-ADSL is a trading company of Allogenes Limited, the Lancashire based Internet Technology Company. You can read more about our parent company on the Allogenes Limited Website. Since 2001 broadband services have been utilised internally and offered as a benefit to our externally based staff and freelance workers.

Allogenes incorporated at Companies House in October of 2003 and by 2005 the provision of broadband had expanded to include a select group of our existing business customers. In October of 2005 the Choose ADSL website was born and broadband services were made available to the friends and family of our staff.

Finally in early 2007 Choose ADSL expanded the availability of its broadband services, making them available to the general public. Allogenes was delighted to include broadband products in its business portfolio. It was this offering of Choose ADSL's products and services to Allogenes' existing client base that gave Choose ADSL a life of its own.

At the end of 2007, a charter was drawn up to govern our responsibilities and commitment, and to guide our future endeavour. In this, we committed to operating as an ethical business, providing products and services at a fair price. We also articulated our commitment to excellent customer service. You can read more about our charter on the Choose ADSL Charter Page.

During 2008 it was agreed that our charter should be amended to include an environmental promise. We wrote our Green Business Manifesto, committing ourselves to a series of changes in our working practices to reduce our carbon footprint and create a low impact business. We also promote green business and sustainibility to our customers and suppliers.

We are also committed to consumer activism. We actively support and campaign for comparable broadband service provision for rural communities. We have a specialist wing of our business dedicated to the support and encouragment of Rural Broadband. In 2010 we committed to discounting the standard cost of our services in rural communities when the speed of broadband was likely to be less than 2mb. Read more about what we are doing to Support Rural Communities on our Rural Communities Page.

Choose ADSL continues to be more than an ISP; we also carry out research and publish articles promoting and campaigning for a strong digital future for the UK. We support the creation of a Next-Generation Fund to support national scale investment in much higher speed services. Join us, support us and allow us to support a New Digital Britain.

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